Areas of focus expertise. Modules built the food and pharmaceutical industries

Our research, development, and experience building custom automated solutions across various industries have given us deep insight. 

We’ve found that key parts of the production process in the food and pharmaceutical industries can be entirely automated.

Leveraging AI, Robotics, and our analytics-based approach, we can fully automate and optimize your production with one of our turnkey modules in food industries.

Our modules are easy to install, modify, and operate to meet your changing production needs in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Imagine streamlining your workers to function alongside fully automated AI Industrial Vision, Super Packer and Palletizer. Module operators require no extensive training, programming knowledge or computer specialization. 

Our touch screen interface has helped businesses gain a competitive edge all while cutting costs and boosting productivity.

The expertise through experience that CVSS has achieved help us build modules that are adaptable and scalable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We pair our modules with experts in food and pharmaceutical industries that can advise you to strategize and optimize your production.

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Produce Production Focus:

Robotics and automation has significantly transformed food production in various ways, enhancing efficiency, precision, and sustainability in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Processing and Packaging:

Our modules are used in food processing and packaging, increasing the speed and accuracy of these tasks. Robots can handle and package food products, sort and grade them based on quality, and even prepare pre-packaged meals.

Food Inspection and Quality Control

Robotics plays a crucial role in inspecting food products for quality and safety. Automated machines equipped with cameras and sensors can detect defects, foreign materials, or contamination in food items, ensuring higher quality and safety standards.

Distribution and Logistics

Robotics has enhanced distribution and logistics in food production by automating warehouse operations, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Robots can efficiently organize and transport goods within warehouses, reducing delays and improving overall supply chain efficiency. Labor

Optimization and Safety

Utilizing robots in food production reduces the need for manual labor in repetitive or hazardous tasks. This not only optimizes labor costs but also enhances safety by minimizing the exposure of workers to potential risks.

The Benefits of Automation

Automation can provide profound benefits to a food packaging business, enhancing efficiency, quality, speed, and ultimately the overall productivity and competitiveness of the operation. Here are several ways CVSS automation can help your food packaging business:

CVSS Automated systems can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the packaging process. Robots and automated machines can handle repetitive tasks such as sorting, filling, sealing, and labeling at a much faster rate than manual labor, resulting in higher productivity.

Our automated systems ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency in the packaging process. CVSS Modules  machines can precisely measure and package products according to predefined specifications, minimizing variations and errors that might occur with manual handling.

Our aim is to help cost reduction though savings.  Automation can be substantial, however, over the long term, it will lead to cost savings. We can help you estimate these savings with our ROI calculator with a specific focus on the food and pharmaceutical industries.

 Automation reduces labor costs, minimizes waste by accurately measuring and packaging products, and optimizes the use of resources like packaging materials.

Enhanced Quality Control automated systems can integrate quality control measures within the packaging process, detecting defects, foreign materials, or inconsistencies in products. This helps maintain high-quality standards and ensures that only quality products are packaged and distributed.

CVSS systems are designed to be flexible and easily adaptable to different packaging requirements. Businesses can quickly switch between products or packaging formats, accommodating changes in market demand without major reconfigurations.

CVSS reduces the dependency on a large workforce and minimizes the time required for training. Once the automated systems are set up and programmed, they can operate with minimal human intervention, freeing up employees to focus on other critical tasks.

We pride ourselves on enhanced safety features of our automation that helps create a safer working environment by automating hazardous or physically demanding tasks. It reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling of heavy or repetitive tasks.

With Real-time Monitoring and Data Analytics, businesses can track production rates, identify bottlenecks, and analyze operational data in real-time to make data-driven decisions for process optimization and efficiency improvements.

You can now extend operational hours and capacity: as CVSS machines can work continuously, allowing for near 24/7 production without the need for constant human supervision. This maximizes the utilization of equipment and facilities, leading to higher production capacity.

The benefits of customer satisfaction and on-time delivery give our partners profound confidence. Our module helps in meeting customer expectations by ensuring consistent product quality, accurate packaging, and on-time delivery. This ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our most important goal is to provide value and enable businesses to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry and respond effectively to changing market demands.
Roberto Rego
CVSS Modules

Ensure the integrity of packages and their containers with guided precision

Pharma Production Focus:

Robotics has significantly transformed pharmaceutical production by enhancing efficiency, precision, safety, and speed in various aspects of the manufacturing process. Here are key ways in which robotics has impacted production in the food and pharmaceutical industries production.

High-throughput Screening (HTS): 

Robotics enable automated HTS for testing a massive number of compounds for their biological activity. This expedites the screening process and helps in identifying potential drug candidates more efficiently.

Drug Formulation and Manufacturing:

Robotics are employed in drug formulation and manufacturing processes, ensuring precise mixing, weighing, and dispensing of ingredients. Automated robotic systems handle various aspects of drug formulation to achieve consistent and accurate dosages.

Packaging and Labeling:

Automated robots play a vital role in pharmaceutical packaging and labeling. They can package medications into various forms, including blister packs, bottles, or sachets, and label them accurately, reducing the risk of errors.

Quality Control and Inspection:

Robotics are used for quality control and inspection during the manufacturing process. Automated systems can conduct visual inspections, measure dimensions, and verify packaging integrity, ensuring that pharmaceutical products meet quality standards.

Pharma Production Focus

CVSS modules have significantly transformed pharmaceutical packaging, bringing benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and overall productivity to the pharmaceutical companies

CVSS modules Increase efficiency and speed. Automated packaging systems can handle pharmaceutical products at a much higher speed compared to manual operations. This increased speed in packaging helps meet the high demand and production targets more efficiently.

 In addition improved accuracy and consistency ensure precise and consistent packaging of pharmaceutical products, reducing the chances of errors in dosages or packaging. The accuracy helps maintain high-quality standards and regulatory compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries/

Our clients have achieved enhanced quality control for their automated packaging systems. Integrated advanced sensors and cameras are used to inspect the quality of products during the packaging process. They can identify defects, ensure proper labeling, and detect any inconsistencies in packaging, promoting better quality control.

With changing compliance with regulations: our equipment is adaptable, moveable and easily-programmable. CVSS modules help in adhering to strict regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our automated systems can enforce compliance with labeling, serialization, and traceability standards, ensuring that products meet regulatory guidelines.

Reduced labor dependency has helped packaging processes, leading to cost savings and minimizing the risk of human errors. This allows skilled labor to focus on more complex tasks that require human expertise.

In addition, flexible packaging options can be handled by our CVSS modules; various packaging formats and sizes efficiently. They can easily adapt to different packaging requirements, enabling the pharmaceutical company to package a wide range of products with minimal adjustments.

CVSS modules have helped pharmaceutical companies to offer customized packaging solutions, tailoring product packaging to specific customer needs or market demands without compromising efficiency or accuracy. 

Optimized resource utilization automation optimizes the use of packaging materials by accurately measuring and dispensing them, reducing waste, and contributing to cost savings and sustainability efforts.

CVSS automated systems provide real-time monitoring of the packaging process, allowing for immediate intervention if any issues arise. This real-time monitoring also facilitates data collection for performance analysis and process improvement.

Our modules minimize manual handling of heavy materials and reduce exposure to potentially harmful substances, improving workplace safety and ergonomics for workers.

CVSS Modules provide Integration with Enterprise Systems. Automated packaging systems can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES), enabling seamless communication and data exchange across the entire production line for improved coordination and efficiency.

"Automation in pharmaceutical packaging has revolutionized the industry by optimizing operations, improving quality and compliance, reducing costs, and ultimately enhancing patient safety through accurate and efficient packaging of pharmaceutical products."
Marc-André Laurin
CVSS Modules

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